Are cheap urns always poor quality.

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Not necessary. It is sometimes difficult to choose the proper product in our offer. We need to know that high quality products are usually expensive because of unique components and the time-consuming process of making.

How to find a cheap but yet a good quality urn?

It should be known that during production process some minor defects may occur. We may assure that these defects don’t affect the tightness of the urn and other technical aspects that would have an impact on its proper use. Minor visual defects affect the future price,so it is possible to order a high-quality urn for a small price.

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Most of the urns in our collection is made of wood or stainless steel. Although wood is a beautiful and natural raw material, it is sometimes difficult to work with. Therefore, cracks and discolouration are unavoidable. The same is true of our popular ball-shaped urns, which are joined from two halves. This joining is sometimes barely visible or small scratches appear on the surface.

Cheap urns – unique urns at a discounted price.

We have been in this business for many years and pay a great attention to the quality of our products and safety packaging. Therefore, discounted urns are at a suitable reduced price. They have visual damage such as scratches, discolouration or cracks but these defects are barely visible. It is a perfect solution for people who cannot spend a large amount on a cremation urn.

Death of our loved person can come as a great shock to us and we cannot always afford to honour the memory of a deceased person as much as we want due to related expenses and circumstances that can arise in our life.

What do discounted urns look like?

Please read carefully the auction description with attached photographic documentation to each product. Damage is always purely visual and the urns are sealed.