Solid packed urns for shipping

We understand that cremation urns hold significant emotional value as they house the ashes of a loved one. These urns become cherished items within homes, apartments, columbariums, catacombs, memorial gardens, or other special places.

At our company, we prioritize the highest quality of products and ensure that they are securely packaged to reach our customers in perfect condition and provide lasting satisfaction.

For the packaging of our urns, we utilize sturdy cardboard boxes along with bubble wrap and styrofoam. This packaging method ensures that the urn is well-protected from any potential mechanical damage during transit. The styrofoam serves as an effective cushioning material, safeguarding the urn inside the box.

We would like to share a photo report documenting the meticulous process of packing the urns. These photos illustrate each step involved in preparing the urns for shipment, offering a glimpse into the actual procedures performed before handing over the package to the courier.

Our aim is to showcase the packaging procedures for several urns, particularly those that are more susceptible to damage.

However, in the unlikely event that an urn arrives damaged, we guarantee a refund or offer a replacement product.

Stone urns

black stone cremation urn

To ensure the safe transport of stone and composite urns, which are highly susceptible to damage, we employ a rigorous packing process. These types of urns are packed in two sturdy boxes and meticulously secured using a combination of styrofoan and bubble wrap for optimal protection.

Here are the detailed steps involved in packing the urns:

  • The urn is delicately placed inside a dedicated linen bag, providing a protective barrier against potential scratches.
  • Next, the urn is meticulously wrapped with bubble wrap, ensuring complete coverage, and then sealed with adhesive tape to keep it securely in place.
  • Once the urn is properly secured, it is gently placed into the first box. Styrofoam inserts are strategically added from the bottom of the box to provide an additional layer of cushioning and support.
  • Subsequently, the box containing the urn is carefully positioned inside a second, larger box. This larger box is also generously filled with a thick layer of Styrofoam, further fortifying the protective packaging.
  • Finally, the urn, securely packed in the two boxes, is wrapped with foil to enhance its overall protection. Special stickers are affixed to the packaging to indicate its fragility and to ensure proper handling.

Through these meticulous packing steps, we aim to significantly reduce the risk of damage during transportation, guaranteeing that the urns reach their destination in impeccable condition.

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Stainless-steel urns

stainless-steel-urn-double-heart, personalized urn

Stainless steel cremation urn in the shape of a ball. A durable combination of a marble base and a stainless steel sphere where the ashes are placed.

Packing steps for the stainless steel cremation urn in the shape of a ball:

  • The urn is carefully placed in a special linen bag to protect it from any potential scratches during transportation.
  • A round key, used to open the urn, is securely attached to the bag.
  • Next, the urn is meticulously wrapped in bubble wrap, ensuring that it is well-protected and cushioned. The wrap is then sealed with high-quality adhesive tape.
  • The securely wrapped urn is then placed inside the first box, with a layer of Styrofoam inserted at the bottom for additional cushioning and protection.
  • Subsequently, the box containing the urn is carefully placed inside a second, larger box. This second box is filled with a thick layer of Styrofoam to create a secure and stable environment for the urn.
  • Finally, the entire package, consisting of the urn packed in two boxes, is meticulously wrapped in foil to provide an extra layer of protection. Special stickers are affixed to the package to ensure clear identification and handling instructions.

These packing steps are designed to ensure the safe transport and delivery of the stainless steel cremation urn, protecting its delicate and precious contents throughout the journey.

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Wooden urns

transfer ashes to wood urn

The mango wood urn is quite resistant to damage during transportation. For safety, the urn inside the box is protected with bubble wrap and styrofoam.

Packing steps:

  • the urn is put in a plastic bag and then wrapped in bubble wrap and sealed with adhesive tape
  • then, the urn prepared in this way is placed in a box and secured with styrofoam
  • then the box is foiled and marked with special stickers
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Artustic urns

dark wood artistic ashes urn

It is an artistic urn that consists of a box for ashes and a figurine of a crying woman. The sensitive element of this urn is this figurine, which is why the arrangement of polystyrene is important. It is arranged in such a way that it does not touch the effigy of a weeping woman.

Packing steps:

  • the urn is placed in a plastic bag
  • the urn is put into the inner box, secured with specially arranged styrofoam
  • then the packed urn is put in another box and also secured with styrofoam
  • at the end, the package is wrapped in foil and appropriate stickers are applied
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