Dog cremation urn – all breeds


A cremation urn for a dog with the likeness of a pet of a selected breed.

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Dog cremation urn – all breeds

This stunning dog cremation urn is a beautiful and unique way to honor the life of your beloved pet. Made from high-quality wood, this casket features a lifelike statue of your chosen breed on the top of the urn, creating a lasting tribute to your loyal companion.

Crafted with the utmost care and attention, this pet urn is designed to provide a peaceful and respectful resting place for your pet’s ashes. The bottom opening ensures that the ashes are securely contained, while the natural wood grain gives each urn its own unique character.

Our pet urns are available for all breeds, so you can find the perfect one to honor your furry friend. And if you don’t see the breed you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us – our skilled artisans are always happy to create a custom urn just for you.

This dog cremation urn is more than just a final resting place for your pet’s ashes. It’s a loving tribute to a cherished member of your family, a symbol of the joy and companionship they brought to your life. Displayed in your home, it will serve as a comforting reminder of the happy times you shared together.


Dog statue is made from coldcast bronze – wooden urn is made from birch.

Handmade Urn- manufactured by skilled professionals. Available with a wide range of statues of any breed:

Our urns are handmade so the color shade may vary.

Please note this urn is manufactured to order. Please allow approximately 4-8 working days for dispatch.

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Dog Breed

01. Afghan Hound lying, 02. American Staffordshire Terrier cropped, 03. American Staffordshire Terrier mama, 04. American Staffordshire Terrier uncropped, 05. Bichon, 06. Black Russian Terrier, 07. Border Terrier, 08. Borzoi, 09. Borzoi lying, 10. boxer croped, 11. boxer mama, 12. Boxer uncropped, 13. Bull Terrier, 14. Bull Terrier lying, 15. Bull Terrier lying happy, 16. Bull Terrier mama, 17. Bull Terrier sitting, 18. Bulldog, 19. bulldog mama, 20. Bulldog sitting, 21. Bullmastiff, 22. cesky terrier, 23. Dachshund wirehaired, 24. doberman cropped, 25. Doberman uncropped, 26. English Cocker Spaniel, 27. English Staffordshire Terrier, 28. English Staffordshire Terrier mama, 29. French Bulldog, 30. French Bulldog mama, 31. French Bulldog sitting, 32. German Shepherd Dog, 33. great dane cropped, 34. Irish Wolfhound, 35. Labrador Retriever, 36. Lhasa Apso, 37. Maltanese Dog, 38. newfoundland, 39. Norfolk Terrier, 40. Norwich Terrier, 41. Pekingese, 42. Polish Lowland Sheepdog, 43. Pug, 44. Rottweiler, 45. Rottweiler mama, 46. Schnauzer cropped, 47. Schnauzer uncropped, 48. Scottish Terrier, 49. Setter lying, 50. Shih-Tzu, 51. Staffordshire Bull Terrier, 52. Weimaraner paur, 53. West Highland White Terrier, 54. Yorkshire Terrier, 55. Mastino Neapolitano, 56. Great dane uncropped, 57. Chihuahua bez deski, 58. Staffordshire Bull Terrier mama, 59. Egyptian cat, 60. Whippets, 61.boxer sitting, 62.Borzoi standing, 63.Rottweiler with a tail, 64. Persian cat, 65. Walka Pit Bull, 66. english bulldog new, 67. english springer spaniel


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