Horse urn for ashes, cremation urn for horse


A cremation urn for a horse with the likeness of a animal of a selected breed.

Our urn can hold portion of your horse’s cremains ashes!

Capacity5.5 Liters (335.5 cubic inches)
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Horse urn for ashes, cremation urn for horse

Our horse urn for ashes is a beautiful and unique way to pay tribute to your beloved equine friend. This urn is specially designed for horse lovers who want to keep a part of their cherished pet close to them. The elegance and style of this urn will not only be a beautiful addition to your home decor, but also evoke fond memories of your horse for years to come.

This urn is crafted from durable birch wood and features brass handles and wreath shaped decorations. The horse statue on top of the urn is made from cold cast bronze, adding a touch of luxury to the design. We offer a wide range of statues of any breed, so you can choose the perfect one to honor your special equine companion.

Our urns are handmade by skilled professionals and are available in a limited edition. The top opening lid makes it easy to add your horse’s ashes to the urn, which has a capacity of 5.5 liters (335.5 cubic inches).

We understand that nothing can replace a loved one once they have left our lives, but our urns provide a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate the life and memory of a lost family member.

This horse urn is capable of holding a portion of your horse’s cremains ashes.


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5.5 Liters (335.5 cubic inches)



Horse Breed

01. Arabian horse, 02. Belgian horse- Percheron horse, 03. Fell ponny mare, 04. Fell ponny stallion, 05. Fjord horse, 07. Friesian stallion, 08. Hanoverian horse, 09. Percheron- Belgian, 10. Shire, 11. Fresian horse mare, 12. Shetland


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