Memorial urn for dog ashes, all breeds


The capacity of the urn is large enough to hold the ashes of a dog of any breed as well as mementos and toys of your pet.

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Memorial urn for dog ashes.

This beautiful memorial urn for dog ashes is a truly unique way to pay homage to your beloved pet. The wooden box is expertly crafted and features a magnificent sculpture of a dog’s head, made to look just like your selected dog breed. The intricate detailing of the sculpture is truly breathtaking and adds a personalized touch to the urn.

The urn is made from high-quality wood, which ensures its durability and longevity. It has a top opening which makes it easy to fill with your pet’s ashes.

This urn is perfect for dog owners who want to keep their pet’s memory close to their hearts. The sculpture of the dog’s head is a beautiful and fitting tribute to the loyal and loving companion that brought so much joy and happiness to your life.

It is a timeless and elegant way to celebrate the life of your furry friend and keep their memory alive for years to come.

Please note that this urn is handmade and made-to-order, so please allow ample time for production and delivery. With this exquisite memorial urn, you can honor the memory of your beloved dog in a truly unique and beautiful way.


This item is made to order- please allow 6-10 working days!

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Dog Breed

01. Afghan Hound, 02. Airedale Terrier, 03. Akita Inu, 04. American Cocker Spaniel, 05. American Staffordshire Terrier, 06. AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER (smaller), 07. AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER(bigger), 08. Basenji, 09. Basset Hound, 11. beagle, 12. Bearded Collie, 13. Bedlington Terrier, 14. Belgian Shepherd, 15. Black Russian Terrier, 17. Border Terrier, 18. Borzoi, Russian Wolfhound, 19. Boston Terrier, 20. Bouvier des Flandres, 21. BOXER (CROPPED), 22. BOXER (UNCROPPED), 23. Briard, 25. bull terrier small, 26. Bullmastif, 27. Cane Corso, 28. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, 30. CHIHUAHUA (LONG HAIRED), 31. CHIHUAHUA (SMOOTH), 32. Chinese Crested, 33. chow chow, 34. Corgi Pembroke, 35. Dachshund, 36. DACHSHUND LONGHAIRED, 37. DACHSHUND WIREHAIRED, 38. deerhound, 39. DOBERMAN – cropped, 40. DOBERMAN – uncropped, 42. Dogue de Bordeaux, 43. English British Bulldog, 44. english mastiff, 45. English Staffordshire Terrier, 46. fila brasileiro, 47. Fox terrier smooth haired, 48. Fox Terrier wirehaired, 49. French Bulldog, 50. French Bulldog medium, 51. german shepherd, 52. Golden Retriever, 53. Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen, 54. GREAT DANE (CROPPED), 55. GREAT DANE (UNCROPPED), 56. Griffon Bruxellois, 57. irish wolfhound, 58. Jack Russel Terrier, 59. Japanese Chin, 60. kaukasian shepherd, 61. kerry blue terrier, 62. King Charles Spaniel, 63. Labrador Retriever, 64. Malinois, 65. Mastino Napolitano, 66. Miniature Pinscher, 67. Newfoundland, 68. Papillon, 69. Pharaon Hound, 70. Pointer, 71. Polish Lowland Sheepdog, 72. Pomeranian, 73. Poodle, 74. Pug Mops, 75. Rhodesian Ridgeback, 76. Rottweiler, 77. SAINT BERNARD, 78. saluki, 79. SCHNAUZER (CROPPED), 80. SCHNAUZER (UNCROPPED), 81. Scottish Sheep Dog, 82. Shar Pei, 83. Siberian Husky, 84. Staffordshire Bull Terrier, 85. Tibetan Spaniel, 86. tibetan terrier, 87. Weimaraner, 89. whippet, 90. American Staffordshire Terrier na kolanie, 91. Bull Terrier on knee, 92. BULLDOG on knee, 93. Staffordshire Bull Terrier on knee, 95. bull terrier macho pudzian, 96. bull terrier power, 97. Boxer on knee, 98. Apfen Pincher, 99 English springer spaniel -Amercan cocker spaniel


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