Moon child urn for ashes


Suitable to hold ashes of body weight upto approx. 79 lbs or 35Kg.

Unique stainless-steel child cremation urn.

✅ This urn is not suitable for outdoor. Please check out our outdoor urns >>

MaterialStainless steel/ABS
Weight1.5 kg /3.32 lb
Capacity1.3 L (79 cubic inches)
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Moon child urn for ashes

In the heart-wrenching journey of loss child, the Moon Child Urn stands as a beacon of solace and eternal love. This small urn, delicately shaped like a moon, cradles the precious ashes of a beloved child, preserving their innocent spirit and cherishing the memories that illuminate our hearts. Crafted with utmost care. This keepsake becomes a celestial tribute, a gentle reminder of the eternal bond shared with your precious child.

A Celestial Crescent of Love:

As you hold the Moon Child Keepsake, you’ll feel a connection to the heavens above. The full moon shape, embodies the purity and innocence that define childhood. Placed on a bedside table or a cherished memory nook becomes a radiant tribute that evokes the fond memories of your little one’s joyous laughter and playful spirit.

Stainless Steel Insert:

The Moon Child Urn is crafted with a stainless steel insert, ensuring that your child’s ashes are safeguarded with unwavering love and reverence. This durable and secure design provides a tender sanctuary for their remains, preserving the essence of their short but impactful journey on Earth.

Personalize with a Memorial Plaque:

To make this urn a uniquely personal tribute, we offer the option to add a memorial plaque bearing your own heartfelt words. Capture the essence of your child’s spirit, their endearing quirks, and the profound love you shared. The memorial plaque becomes an eternal canvas for your emotions, creating a cherished keepsake that will be forever etched with your love.

A Tender Remembrance:

The Moon Child Keepsake is more than just a vessel; it is a tender remembrance that encapsulates the essence of a life that touched countless hearts. Each time you gaze at the moon-like urn, you will be reminded of the laughter, the dreams, and the boundless love that your child brought into your life.



If you choice Personalised Plaque please submit text in the product personalisation frame .

Personalised memorial plaque must be customised when placing your order. (Please don’t panic if you miss it as you can always send us a message afterwards.)

Please REVIEW the text for engraving carefully before adding the item to cart. We copy and engrave the exact information we receive with the order and don’t make any changes at our end.

Please Review the text to make sure all spellings are correct.

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Stainless steel/ABS


1.5 kg /3.32 lb


1.3 L (79 cubic inches)








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