Wooden urn with calla lili, urn for ashes


200 lb.(90.7kg) person needs an urn that is200 cubic inches or larger

Weight2 kg
Capacity3.9 L (237.9 cubic inches)
Size(cm)16.5cm (W) x 28cm( H) x 16.5cm(D)
Size(")Size: 6.4"(W) x 11"(H) x 6.4"(D)
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Wooden urn with calla lili

The Wooden Urn with Calla Lily is a remarkable memorial vessel that captures the essence of natural beauty and eternal love. This exquisite urn combines the warmth and sophistication of wood with the delicate elegance of the calla lily, creating a poignant tribute to your beloved departed.

Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, this wooden urn features a smooth and polished finish that highlights the natural grain and texture of the wood. The rich tones and earthy hues of the wood evoke a sense of warmth and serenity, providing a comforting presence in any setting.

Adorning the front of the urn is a meticulously crafted calla lily, known for its symbolic representation of purity, rebirth, and the enduring cycle of life. The calla lily’s graceful curves and pristine petals add a touch of ethereal beauty, infusing the urn with a sense of reverence and tranquility.

As an additional option, the Wooden Urn with Calla Lily offers a memorial plaque that can be personalized with your own text. This allows you to create a truly personalized tribute to your loved one, whether it’s their name, a meaningful quote, or a heartfelt message that encapsulates their spirit. The memorial plaque becomes a cherished keepsake, forever etching their memory into the hearts of those who hold them dear.


If you choice Personalised Plaque please submit text in the product personalisation frame .

Personalised memorial plaque must be customised when placing your order. (Please don’t panic if you miss it as you can always send us a message afterwards.)

Please REVIEW the text for engraving carefully before adding the item to cart. We copy and engrave the exact information we receive with the order and don’t make any changes at our end.

Please Review the text to make sure all spellings are correct.

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2 kg


3.9 L (237.9 cubic inches)


16.5cm (W) x 28cm( H) x 16.5cm(D)


Size: 6.4"(W) x 11"(H) x 6.4"(D)




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