Dog box for ashes. Personalized urn for animal ashes.


A cremation ashes box for a dog with the likeness of a pet of a selected breed.

Weight3.4kg / 7.48 lbs
Size (cm)21 x 29 x 22 cm
Size (")8,3” x 11,4” x 8,7”
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Dog box for ashes

Introducing our personalized wooden dog box for ashes, a unique and meaningful way to honor your beloved pet. This top-opening urn is made of high-quality wood and has ample space to hold the ashes of your loyal companion. It’s the perfect way to create a fitting tribute to a cherished pet that has passed away.

What makes this urn truly special is the option to personalize it with your dog’s name, dates, and a short text. This makes the urn not only a beautiful resting place for your pet’s ashes, but also a touching and personal reminder of the love and bond you shared. It’s a tribute that will provide comfort and solace for years to come.

The box is expertly crafted with attention to detail and durability, ensuring that it will last for generations to come. The top-opening feature makes it easy to add your pet’s ashes and any special mementos or keepsakes that you want to keep close.

Our personalized wooden dog box for ashes is a beautiful and meaningful way to keep your pet’s memory alive. It’s the perfect tribute to a cherished pet that brought so much joy and love into your life.

Our urns are handmade so the color shade may vary.

Please note this urn is manufactured to order. Please allow approximately 4-8 working days for dispatch.

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3.4kg / 7.48 lbs



Size (cm)

21 x 29 x 22 cm

Size (")

8,3” x 11,4” x 8,7”

Dog Breed

001. Deutsche Dogge cropped, 002. Pug classical, 003. Cane Corso, 004. Beagle, 005. Briard, 006. Saluki, 007. Rottweiler art. dog, 008. Bullmastiff, 009. English bulldog old model, 011. Shih Tzu classical, 012. Dalmatian, 013. Golden Retriever, 014. Basset Hound (Head Turned Left), 015. Chow Chow, 016. Newfoundland, 017. Schnauzer artdog ears up, 019. Bouvier, 020. German Shepherd, 021. Dogo Argentino, 022. Bernese Mountain Dog classical, 023. American Staffordshire Terrier with collar, 024. Mastino Napolitano, 025. Bearded Collie, 026. Yorkshire Terrier classical, 027. English Bulldog, 028. Shar-Pei, 029. Scotisch Terrier classical, 030. Siberian Husky, 031. Boxer cropped classical, 032. American Cocer Spaniel, 033. Borzoi, 034. Whippet, 035. Teckel smoothhaired classical, 036. Alaskan Malamute, 037. Rhodesian Ridgeback, 038. Deutsche Dogge (uncropped), 039. Doberman artdog, 040. Grey Hound, 041. Pointer classical, 042. Boxer uncropped, 043. Griffon, 044. Chinese Crested Dog, 045. Setter, 046. Beauceron, 047. Boston Terrier, 048. Dog de Bordeaux artdog, 049. Belgian Shephard, 050. Weimaraner, 051. French Bulldog stary, 052. Shih-Tzu longhaired artdog, 053. Bullterrier artdog flat, 054. American Staffordshire Terrier artdog, 056. Staffordshire Bull Terrier with collar artdog old, 057. Akita Inu, 058. Afghan Hound artdog, 059. Labrador Retriever, 061. Teckel longhaired artdog, 062. poddle, 063. Schnauzer ears up, ART.-DOG (smaller), 064. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, 065. West Highland White Terrier artdog, 2d, 066. Cavalier artdog, 067. Basset Vendeen, 068. Cairn Terrier classical, 069. Bedlington Terrier, 070. Kerry Blue Terrier, 071. Teckel, Dachshund (wirehaired) very flat, 072. Scottish Terrier (long muzzle) artdog, 073. Bloodhound, 074. French Bulldog new, 075. Springer Spaniel, 076. Filia Brasileiro, 077. Briard (long head), 078. Saint Bernard, 079. Irish Wolfhound, 080. Pit Bull, 081. English Cocker Spaniel, 082. Boxer ears up, artdog, 083. Black Russian Terrier, 084. Welsh Corgi, 085. Azawakh, 086. Pharaoh Hound, 087. Jack Russell Terrier, 088. Presa Canario, 089. Deerhound, 090. Central Asian Shepherd Dog, 091. Malinois, 092. Fox Terrier classical, 093. Collie Smooth Haired, 094. Shiba Inu, 095. Chihuahua (smooth haired), 096. Border Terrier, 098. American Bulldog, 099. Italian Greyhound, 100. Bullterrier classical flat small


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