Moon urn for adult ashes


Unique sphere-shaped moon urn for adult ashes, made of ABS and stainless steel insert. Set with a keepsake.

Suitable for body weight approx 224 lbs -102kg or less.

✅ This urn is not suitable for outdoor. Please check out our outdoor urns >>

MaterialStainless-steel / ABS
Capacity3.7Liters (225 cubic inches)
Weight1.20 kg / 2,65 lb
Size(cm)21cm W x 23cm H
Size(")(8.3") W x (9") H
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Losing a loved one is undoubtedly one of the most challenging experiences in life. As we navigate through grief and seek ways to honor and remember those who have passed away, the choice of a memorial urn becomes a significant decision. Moon urn for adult  ashes have emerged as a unique and symbolic option, providing a sense of comfort and a tangible way to cherish the memories of our dearly departed.

What is a Moon Urn?

A moon urn is a special type of urn designed to hold the cremated remains of a loved one. These urns are shaped like a moon and feature moon-related designs, making them distinct and visually captivating. The moon, with its association with celestial cycles and eternal continuity, serves as a powerful symbol of the afterlife and spiritual journey.

The Symbolism Behind Moon Urn For Adult Ashes

Moon urns carry deep symbolism, representing the circle of life, renewal, and the eternal nature of the soul. Just as the moon goes through phases, from new to full, our lives also experience transitions. The moon’s constant presence in the night sky can bring solace during times of mourning, reminding us that the essence of our loved ones lives on, like the ever-changing moon.

This is a hand-painted product, the appearance may slightly differ.


Keepsake Urn Details:

👉 Size: 11cm D x 12cm H x 11cm W
👉  Size: 4.3”D x 4.7”H x 4.3”W
👉 Capacity: 0.4 L
👉 Capacity (24 cubic inches)
👉  Inserth sphere is made of stainless steel


Stainless-steel insert:

planet urn inside stainless steel insert



Personalised memorial plaque must be customised when placing your order. (Please don’t panic if you miss it as you can always send us a message afterwards.)

memorial plaque cremation urn silver

Please REVIEW the text for engraving carefully before adding the item to cart. We copy and engrave the exact information we receive with the order and don’t make any changes at our end.

Please Review the text to make sure all spellings are correct.


If you need a memorial plaque for keepsake, please add text into a second frame.

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Additional information


Stainless-steel / ABS


3.7Liters (225 cubic inches)


1.20 kg / 2,65 lb


21cm W x 23cm H


(8.3") W x (9") H


Large Urn, Large Urn / Keepsake


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