Urns for Couples, Marriages, Siblings, or Parents.

People who have lost their beloved one often want their ashes to be laid in the same place. This can be done in two ways. We can obtain separate urns for 2 adults or one large urn that holds the mixed ashes of two people. Urns for couples are ideal for loved two people.

There are companion urns that are made to hold the ashes of two adults or others but it should be mentioned that the ashes will then mix together.
In the second case, a set of two urns is matched together so that the ashes will then not mix with each other.

Remembering Sibling Bonds: Unique Urns for Brothers and Sisters

When siblings share a strong and unbreakable bond, it can be comforting to keep their ashes together in a companion urn. Companion urns are specifically designed to hold the ashes of two individuals, allowing brothers and sisters to rest side by side even in their final journey. One option is a double steel box urn, crafted with durable stainless steel and designed to hold the ashes of both siblings. These urns provide a secure and elegant resting place, symbolizing the lifelong connection between brothers and sisters.

cremation urn for two double urn

To add a personal touch and pay homage to the sibling relationship, companion urns often feature memorial plaques and ornaments. Memorial plaques can be engraved with the names, birth dates, and special messages of both siblings, serving as a permanent reminder of their lives and the bond they shared. Additionally, ornaments like crosses, butterflies, or roses can be incorporated into the design, representing faith, transformation, or love respectively. These meaningful embellishments further enhance the beauty and significance of the companion urn, creating a poignant tribute to the siblings’ memory.

A double steel box urn for two people’s ashes with memorial plaques and ornaments offers a harmonious combination of durability, personalization, and symbolism. The sturdy stainless steel construction ensures the long-lasting preservation of the ashes, while the memorial plaques and ornaments provide a heartfelt touch that honors the unique relationship between siblings. Whether adorned with crosses, butterflies, or roses, these companion urns become a lasting tribute to the deep bond and cherished memories shared by brothers and sisters.

Memorial Urns for Parents and Guardians

When parents or guardians pass away, preserving their memory and honoring their love becomes paramount. Companion urns for two people’s ashes offer a meaningful way to keep parents or guardians together even in their final resting place. One unique option is a sphere-shaped stainless steel urn with a double heart on the base. This elegant design symbolizes the deep love and connection shared by parents or guardians, creating a touching tribute to their bond.

The sphere shape of the urn represents unity and wholeness, reflecting the everlasting love that parents or guardians had for their family. The stainless steel material ensures the durability and longevity of the urn, safeguarding the ashes for generations to come. The double heart on the base further signifies the inseparable bond between parents or guardians, serving as a visual representation of their love and dedication.

companion urn for two adults

Companion urns for parents or guardians often allow for customization, including the option of adding personal engravings or plaques. These can include the names, birth dates, or special messages that commemorate the lives and legacies of the parents or guardians. The sphere-shaped stainless steel urn with a double heart on the base, adorned with personalized engravings, becomes a truly unique and heartfelt tribute, providing solace and a lasting memorial for their children or loved ones.

Urns for married couples. Set of two cremation urns for 2 adults.

The wedding day is the most important moment for every married couple.On this day we are over the moon and we want to share our happiness with others. We love to remember this very special day, and that is why we keep souvenirs which remind us of our wedding. It was the beginning of a journey together that also has its end.

set of urns for parents or married

However, when we say goodbye to this world, we do not feel that this is the end of our life together. This is only the end of our life journey and we wish that here on earth our remains will be joined together.

One of the symbols of marriage are the colours of the newlyweds’ attire. The traditional black suit of the groom and the beautiful white of the bride’s wedding dress.

We can maintain the solemnity of the marriage by choosing these magnificent and artistic urns.
These urns are also a very good option if we look for a burial place for our parents.

Urns for couples will look gorgeous among flowers on the background of the wedding photo of the newly-weds.

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